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some sort of a golem

I can relate. The loss and his continued isolation from others has left him feeling like “some sort of a golem,” he says, “a creature designed to continue to function, continue to write, create, to live — but each part slowly replaced with something artificial and mechanical until there is nothing left but engines and gears.” What you’re feeling is grief - Vox The activities I pursued in March — like hiking and nature photography — to maintain my mental…

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Flattening the Curve

The area under the curve represents the number of people who are expected to be infected by CVODI-19 will be the same independent of the height of the peak. That is, the summit may be suppressed, and the slope lowered, but the total of the number of people who eventually get sick will be the same. This is because there may be no natural immunity and no vaccine; therefore, everyone will ultimately be infected with COVID-19. This, in turn, means…

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