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Photo credit: Trey Ratcliff


A Tribe Called Detest by Spencer Callaghan

Last week when iOS 7 was unveiled, there was an avalanche of opinion spewed about icons and frosted glass. I was watching my social feeds closely, and I was amazed at the amount of pure vitriol came from my Android-loving friends. It’s hatred with them. Unlike Apple fans who can love their iDevices while using Google services, there is a real, visceral dislike of Apple that causes not only a lot of knee-jerk judgement from Google fans but a lot of narrow thinking.

Open advocates think that the average person cares that they can’t hack their bootloader when all they care about is what apps, services and functions their device enables them to use. In this way, Apple is the most open and it shows in its tribe’s willingness to use services other than those produced by Apple.

I know what he means. I’m a big Apple fan, but I will admit when the company has a been bested in some product area. I trust Google Maps but not iOS Maps. I have three domains that use Google Apps, and I prefer Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts to iCloud Mail, Calendar and…

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