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Kicking Google to the Curb


I'm giving myself 30 days to completely remove Google from my life. Completely. No Gmail. No Docs. No Google Play. No Android. No ChromeOS. And, perhaps most terrifying, no Google Voice or Hangouts.

Then, once that transition is complete, I am challenging myself to stick to it for at least 30 additional days after that point.Bryan Lunduke

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I know what he means. I'm a big Apple fan, but I will admit when the company has a been bested in some product area. I trust Google Maps but not iOS Maps. I have three domains that use Google Apps, and I prefer Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts to iCloud Mail, Calendar and Contacts. They work better.

But ... I do come across a sort of rabid hate - irrational hate - of Apple in certain online communities. Google+? I can understand the Google fanboys, they use and love Google products, I don't understand the Apple hating.