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Useful Photography Tip #38: Maintain a Photography Fund (The Phoblographer)

It is about saving. If you are a photographer earning money from your work, always set aside a percentage to go into your fund. If you can, instead of buying a coffee or lunch, bring it from home and put that money to the side. Everything helps. Photography is not a cheap hobby or career. Plan, nothing lasts forever, especially photography gear

Another great post by +G Servo.  My camera body is six years old and lacks many features ( auto-bracketing, more pixels, higher ISO ) that I need in order to do the photography I want to do.  I did not plan my past purchases and did not focus on what was essential.  I did not…

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Down the wrong Path.

iOS Address Book access should prompt the user for permission – The popular Path app was caught uploading and permanently storing people’s entire address books on Path’s servers. People were upset, but what’s scarier is the bigger issue: apparently, this is a very common practice among popular apps. Google+: View post on Google+ Common…

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Quad Core iPads?

What sort of tasks would the general user want to do that would require a Quad core processor? Source: A quad-core iPad 3? Not so fast A quad-core Apple chip powering the iPad 3 is not moral certainty. Here are some reasons why. Read this blog post by Brooke Crothers on Nanotech - The Circuits Blog.…

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