Smartphones are done

I thought the same thing about the iPhone 4S. But in reality how much more can we expect any smartphone to do?  Sony thinks we need water proof and dust proof phones.  Samsung thinks we need bigger pants/trousers.  Google thinks we need to give them more data.

Personally I want a phone that is a light as a feather, has a 10" screen that magically collapses into a credit card size object that fits easily into my wallet.

What about you?

Demand for the iPhone 5 is slumping and Crave's Eric Mack isn't surprised. He's hoping Apple's next big leap will impress, but he isn't holding his breath. Read this article by Eric Mack on CNET. The iPhone 6 won't wow: 6 reasons why

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Another great post by +G Servo

Useful Photography Tip #38: Maintain a Photography Fund by Gevon Servo

It is about saving. If you are a photographer earning money from your work, always set aside a percentage to go into your fund. If you can, instead of buying a coffee or lunch, bring it from home and put that money to the side. Everything helps. Photography is not a cheap hobby or career. Plan, nothing lasts forever, especially photography gear

Another great post by +G Servo.  My camera body is six years old and lacks many features ( auto-bracketing, more pixels, higher ISO ) that I need in order to do the photography I want to do.  I did not plan my past purchases and did not focus on what was essential.  I did not set aside money for any planned or unplanned purchases and now I need equipment I don't have the funds for it.  Like +G Servo, I too have a family and money must be prioritized ( braces, clothes etc ).

Down the wrong Path.

iOS Address Book access should prompt the user for permission –

The popular Path app was caught uploading and permanently storing people’s entire address books on Path’s servers. People were upset, but what’s scarier is the bigger issue: apparently, this is a very common practice among popular apps.

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Common practice? I certainly hope not.  In fact, I think application should need apps to prompt for access to any device data — location, address book, network etc. From an information security standpoint, this makes sense.  What do you think?