Orange Mango Pineappe Peach Ginger


  • 138 grams orange
  • 122 grams mango
  • 267 grams pineapple
  • 106 grams peaches
  • 188 grams ice water
  • 5 grams ginger


1. Preparation: Peel and weigh the fruit. Add the fruit to the Vitamix with about ½ cup of ice. Slowly increase the speed on the Vitamix and blend for about 45 seconds.
2. Serve: Serve in a tall glass.

(Serves 2)

In the Sichuan province of China, there is an abundance of orchards but no bees. Thousands of people are hired to climb fruit trees and hand-pollinate the flowers with small brushes because natural pollinators like bees have been killed by pesticides

Jed Fuhrman, holder of the McCulloch-Crosby Chair in Marine Biology at USC College (via climateadaptation)