Grilled Atlantic salmon marinated in sweet Bourbon served with carrot health salad

Bhavana and I dropped into the McCaffrey’s to pick up a few items for Shaan. He’s making keema samosa for dinner.

With my cholesterol being high – over 262 – I thought it best to avoid too much meat and fried food. McCaffrey’s doesn’t have the selection that whole foods does but after spending some time in the deli I settled on two filets of Atlantic Salmon marinated in Bourbon. I also bought an entire striped Bass which the fishmonger was happy to skin and filet for me. Maybe I’ll grill that tomorrow.

I grilled the salmon – don’t forget to grease your grill so the fish won’t stick – for about 4 minutes on either side and served it up with some carrot health salad and confetti cole slaw that we also picked up from McCaffrey’s. It went down easy with a bottle of Innis & Gunn Rum Cask ale.

I grew up eating a lot of seafood. In fact was normal for my grandmother to fry some fish – a small silvery fish called Sprat – for breakfast served with a thick slice of freshly baked bread slathered in salt butter and washed down with a enameled tin cut of coffee1. Best breakfast ever!

Continuing my trend from earlier this week I decided to grill some Pacific Red Snapper filet2 we picked up on Wednesday during out shopping trip to Whole Foods. Red Snapper is my favorite fish and I love eating it grilled or fried. However, according to Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, red snapper populations are in decline worldwide and eating the fish should be avoided.

I’ve had a few cedar wood planks sitting around from last year. I soaked the planks over night. I wanted grill fish but I really have no idea how to grill fish. I didn’t have a recipe and didn’t want to research any. I just wanted fish.

That being said I looked through our pantry to see what seasonings we had. I don’t have a recipe to share. I’m not a chef nor do I cook often enough to know what I’m doing. I read a few articles and then I just did whatever I felt would work.

I took the filet of fish and added a bit of thyme, a bit of garlic salt, a bit of paprika, some black pepper etc. I added a dash of lemon juice and sprinkled some olive oil over the top. I placed the fish on the plant and put it on the grill at high heat for 12 minutes per side. I had to soak the plank at the half way mark to prevent the wood from catching on fire.

While the fish cooked I made a ti punch. When I made ti punch for the first time I used a recipe I found through Warren Bobrow but I’ve since modified the recipe to suit my tastes. I don’t have any Rhum Agricole so I used a mixture of three parts Trinidad 10 Cane Rum, mixed with two parts Key West lime juice, and one part 3simple syrup.

Once the fish was cooked I served it with a spicy, cabbage and carrot salad that Bhavana made and a few cubes of ripe mango. The ti punch was served over ice and was, to me, a great compliment to the meal. The grilled snapper was also a hit with my son who devoured his meal.

  1. Thanks to my grandmother I’ve been drinking coffee since I was 7 or eight years old. ?

  2. According to Whole Foods, red snapper fishing is not sustainable so what I bought may actually be rockfish?

  3. 12 cup of water and 12 of Domino’s sugar and stevia blend. ?

I grilled sword fish steak

Is that an odd name for a blog post? Maybe. I couldn’t think of a more witty title but I think this one does describe what I did around noon today. Yes, I grilled a sword fish steak and took some photos and decided to write a blog post. Why? Because ….

I had lunch with my family yesterday. The kids are on spring break and while they were out doing errands with mom they decided it would be cool to have lunch with Dad1. After a quick and tasty lunch at Magma Pizza my wife encourage me to help her pick some fish from Whole Foods. She wants the kids to eat more seafood but she’s a vegetarian and has no clue what to do. The staff at Whole Foods were quite helpful and I bought some red snapper fillets and a blackened (seasoned) swordfish steaks. That’s what I grilled today.

I’m a fan of the art of food but mostly I’m a fan of eating good food. Last year I bought a new grill and spent the summer grilling sausages and grass fed beef and burgers from local farmers2. I also “discovered” a local gourmet food shop that sells the most delicious cheeses. I guess I enjoyed my cheese and grilled a little too much. I ended up with high cholesterol. That’s one of the reasons I’m eating more fish.

I followed some simple instructions I found online, grilling each side of the steak for about four minutes on high heat. I think it worked out well. The kids ate it all up and I had a little piece which I washed down with one of my favorite beers.

  1. Yeah! I’m still cool! My daughter is almost a teenager and my son is a teen next month so I’m happy for this. ?

  2. Griggstown Farm and Simply Grazin’ ?