Kodak Vision3 250D|Minolta XD-11|MD Rokkor-X 45mm F:2

Ronith and Nilima | May 2021 | Minolta XD-11 | MD ROKKOR-X 45mm F2 | Kodak Vision3 250D

Monday Insta Repeat posts collages of photos from the same geographical location that look remarkably similar, even though they were taken by different photographers. … The intent on Insta Repeat is deliberate—to duplicate a photo in order to evoke a similar response from viewers. Feet dangling over Horseshoe Bend evoke a sense of adventure and…

Day One

Liked The Sweet Setup Day One Course by David Spark (MacSparky)

Shawn Blanc has a new video product that shows you how to get the most from Day One. It just releasd today and has an introductory discount so if you’re interested, check it out.

I’d forgotten all about this app. I had started a private journal in 2017 but for some reason stopped.