Adroit Theory's Constructive Destruction (Ghost 647)

I am drinking a Constructive Destruction (Ghost 647) by Adroit Theory.

I am in Skillman, NJ, drinking Constructive Destruction (Ghost 647) by Adroit Theory. Adroit Theory is a Nano Brewery in Purcellville, VA. Constructive Destruction (Ghost 647) beer style is IPA - Imperial / Double New England, with an ABV of 7.8% and IBU of 27. I gave Constructive Destruction (Ghost 647) a 4 on Untappd's 5 point rating system.

Brewer's notes

Bursting with Tropical Fruit, Notes of Grapefruit & Mango, Mild Bitterness, Semi-Dry Finish.

This harboring force of polar opposition is just what we need to cope with the recommended dose of absurdity. Misunderstood to no avail; follow blindly or commit to the insanity before you. Your choice is all but your own.

Adroit Theory Brewing Company is a nano brewery located in Purcellville, Virginia. Our focus is on esoteric brews, with an emphasis on barrel aging.

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