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Fujifilm Film Simulation Challenge Roll 9 : Fujicolor Superia 800

For the ninth episode of the Film Simulation Challenge, I chose Ritchie's Fujicolor Superia 800 Simulation Recipe. The goal of the challenge is to use the same settings for 24 or 36 exposures to simulate shooting a roll of film. Ritchie's intention for this particular film simulation recipe is to imitate the look of Fujicolor Pro 400H film. I've never used this film, so I'll let Ritchie give you his overview of Fujicolor Superia 800 film. Fujicolor Pro 800Z was…

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Trillium Brewing Company Blueberry Super Soak

I am in drinking Blueberry Super Soak by Trillium Brewing Company, a Regional Brewery in Canton. Blueberry Super Soak is an American Wild Ale, with an ABV of 7.1 and IBU of 0. I gave this beer a 3.75 on Untappd’s 5 point rating system. BREWER’S NOTES Super Soak: our Soak series amped up with a bigger malt bill, increased ABV, and twice the amount of fruit as Soak. While still sour, the higher ABV in Super Soak serves to…

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