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Will I Buy the Fujifilm X-T5?

Fujifilm X-T5 profile

The Fuji X-T1 was released in 2014 to celebrate Fujifilm’s 80th anniversary, but the X-T1 (and X-E1) led to a mirrorless camera revolution. As someone who was never satisfied with the design elements of popular DLSR cameras, I immediately understood a design similar to the classic 35mm SLR camera could have its advantages and be more of a flexible, all-around camera. And that’s precisely what the X-T series became for me. The X-T4 was released when the X-T3 was just…

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Fujifilm Film Simulation Challenge Roll 11: Kodak Ektar 100

For the eleventh instalment of the Film Simulation Challenge, I chose Ritchie's Kodak Ektar 100 Film Simulation Recipe. The goal of the challenge is to use the same settings for 24 or 36 exposures, similar to shooting a roll of film. This particular film simulation recipe is intended to imitate the look of Kodak Ektachrome 100SW film. I “loaded” this “film” into my Fujifilm X-T2. Another hot, humid day of al fresco dining at the Brick Farm Tavern provided the…

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