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“Bosses invented employee loyalty, not employees.” ~ Seth Godin

Manuel Moreale reflects on Apple's involvement in legal battles and expresses sadness about the relentless pursuit of endless growth by companies like Apple. Growth is a mind cancer

Clare Marie Schneider on NPR writes about how the new etiquette for tipping has evolved significantly, with businesses that traditionally did not ask for tips now requesting them, including grocery stores, self-checkout machines, and fast food restaurants. If in doubt, asking the service provider directly.New Rules in Tipping Etiquette

I love reading Seth Godin’s blog.

There’s a long-time tension between the factory owner and the worker. The factory owner wants to take the maximum amount of labor in exchange the lowest amount of compensation. The worker often responds by playing defense and not letting the boss disrespect them.

Bosses invented employee loyalty, not employees.Seth Godin

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  1. On growth being a mind cancer, I'm not sure I understand what is meant by "mind cancer". Growth is the dictate of capitalism and capitalism is destroying the planet. And sadly, most of us, certainly the wealthiest 10%, are going along for the ride. We cooperate with the destruction by engaging in hyper consumption with no effort at self restraint. Our wanton consumption, our demand, perpetuates the growth. We close the circle.

    I think we should be explicit on naming the process and the system.

    1. I think the reference is meant to invoke the image of incontrollable growth of cells that spreads to other parts of the body and eventually consumes the body and kills the host. Because capitalist growth is driven by profit expectations, I think the executive leadership of many companies feel market pressure to continuously grow profits and to do so rapidly. They become a "mind cancer" when they grow profits irresponsibly by encouraging hyper consumption, shifting environmental and other costs onto others.

      Rapid growth leads to market saturation (unless population growth outpaces it), the collapse or consolidation of producers and a concentration of capital.

      Economic inequality is justified on the grounds that the wealthy are more virtuous than the poor.

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