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“Bosses invented employee loyalty, not employees.” ~ Seth Godin

Manuel Moreale reflects on Apple's involvement in legal battles and expresses sadness about the relentless pursuit of endless growth by companies like Apple. Growth is a mind cancer

Clare Marie Schneider on NPR writes about how the new etiquette for tipping has evolved significantly, with businesses that traditionally did not ask for tips now requesting them, including grocery stores, self-checkout machines, and fast food restaurants. If in doubt, asking the service provider directly.New Rules in Tipping Etiquette

I love reading Seth Godin’s blog.

There’s a long-time tension between the factory owner and the worker. The factory owner wants to take the maximum amount of labor in exchange the lowest amount of compensation. The worker often responds by playing defense and not letting the boss disrespect them.

Bosses invented employee loyalty, not employees.Seth Godin

Thieves of Experience: How Google and Facebook Corrupted Capitalism

Thieves of Experience: How Google and Facebook Corrupted Capitalism by Nicholas Carr

Silicon Valley’s Phoenix-like resurrection is a story of ingenuity and initiative. It is also a story of callousness, predation, and deceit. Harvard Business School professor emerita Shoshana Zuboff argues in her new book that the Valley’s wealth and power are predicated on an insidious, essentially pathological form of private enterprise — what she calls “surveillance capitalism.” Pioneered by Google, perfected by Facebook, and now spreading throughout the economy, surveillance capitalism uses human life as its raw material. Our everyday experiences, distilled into data, have become a privately owned business asset used to predict and mold our behavior, whether we’re shopping or socializing, working or voting.

Zuboff’s fierce indictment of the big internet firms goes beyond the usual condemnations of privacy violations and monopolistic practices. To her, such criticisms are sideshows, distractions that blind us to a graver danger: By reengineering the economy and society to their own benefit, Google and Facebook are perverting capitalism in a way that undermines personal freedom and corrodes democracy.

A history of modern capitalism from the perspective of the straw. Seriously.

Disposable America by Alexis C. Madrigal

The invention of American industrialism, the creation of urban life, changing gender relations, public-health reform, suburbia and its hamburger-loving teens, better living through plastics, and the financialization of the economy: The straw was there for all these things—rolled out of extrusion machines, dispensed, pushed through lids, bent, dropped into the abyss.

You can learn a lot about this country, and the dilemmas of contemporary capitalism, by taking a straw-eyed view.

People have probably been drinking things through cylindrical tubes for as long as Homo sapiens has been around, and maybe before. Scientists observed orangutans demonstrating a preference for a straw-like tool over similar, less functional things. Ancient versions existed, too.