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The Pass

That moment, a split second as the cigarette hovers between them, held in the fingers before moving to the other, has so much weight.

Street photography is still a struggle for me. It’s easier to find exciting happenings to photograph, and I was overwhelmed with choice. New York City is almost the opposite of downtown Princeton where street photography is nearly impossible. In Princeton, people assume you are photographing a building or storefront. They actively try to step out of the frame. In New York City, very few people care that a camera is pointed in their direction.

I was attracted to the bold signage painted on the building. Still, I remembered we were here for street photography, not architecture. I noticed these two men talking and sharing a cigarette on the entrance stairs to Fun City Tatoo. I thought of the trust needed for sharing a cigarette with someone. Everything that was avoided during the global pandemic. Touching hands. Standing too close. Sharing something your mouths touched.

That moment, a split second as the cigarette hovers between them, held in the fingers, has so much weight.

With a few clicks of the shutter, I captured the moment the man in shorts held his arm out. Decisive moment?

Author: Khürt Williams

human being, information security architect, avid photographer, nature lover, F1 fanatic, drinker of beer.

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