I accepted a job for what I was told was a Princeton location but once I started I found out it was actually in New York City.

You may be reading this in February, but the original post, written in late December, reflects on events from September 2023 to December 2023.

I asked ChatGPT to explain the word misrepresentation.

Misrepresentation refers to the act of giving a false or misleading account of the nature of something. It typically involves providing incorrect information or omitting key facts, often with the intention of deceiving someone or influencing their decisions or actions based on that inaccurate portrayal. Misrepresentation can occur in various contexts, such as in legal contracts, advertising, or personal interactions.

After a round of interviews, I accepted a consulting role with a well-known financial services company, enticed by the recruiter's confirmation of it as a Princeton hybrid position – ideal given its closeness to my home, just a 10-minute drive or 30-minute bicycle ride away.

Negotiating a New Jersey hourly rate to reflect lower commuting costs, I agreed to work (one day a week) from the client's Wall Street office for the first few weeks until I was familiar with the team. Wall Street firms value these types of interactions. Having once survived an undesirable pre-pandemic commute to New York City for a banking client, I voiced my unwillingness to repeat that experience. The recruiter reassured me, and she confirmed in writing that the role was indeed Princeton-hybrid and that the New York commute was only temporary.

After a month of tolerating the demanding two-hour (each way) trip, I talked with the manager about timelines for transitioning to the Princeton office. To my surprise, the manager explained that it was a New York City-only assignment. He also mentioned a corporate announcement about an upcoming change to two days a week in the office, starting January 2nd.

I raised this discrepancy with the recruiter, which led to them promising to discuss it with their internal management. After I presented the email evidence of their original written statement that this was a Princeton hybrid role, communication ceased on their end on December 20th. My attempts to reach out were met with silence.

Fortunately, I continued interviewing, hoping to find the right remote or local hybrid opportunity. Knowing that I did not want to commute to New York City and seeing no other way out of the situation on Friday, December 28th I accepted a six-month contract with a bank headquartered in Buffalo, New York with a start date of January 22. I informed the client and the consulting company that I was leaving the role.

Because of this experience, I no longer expect honesty, fairness and professionalism in the hiring process. Human beings are no longer involved. The process is dehumanising. I know that my resume and cover letter will be scanned by AI and despite years of experience and hard-won skills if it’s missing the expected keywords, it will be discarded minutes after my online application is submitted. I know that I will be required to complete up to five rounds of interviews for any role. I know that after all those interviews if I am not the ideal candidate, I will be ghosted with no feedback.

The Vessel at Hudson Yards

Photographing "The Vessel" near sundown was an exciting opportunity to capture the unique structure in a gorgeous and dramatic light.

I have walked The High Line several times, but this was my first visit to "The Vessel", the latest addition to the Hudson Yards area. The Princeton Photo Workshop field trip to "The Vessel" at Hudson Yards in the summer of 2021 was an exciting opportunity for me to explore and capture the unique structure and its surroundings. After we finished up at High Line Park, our instructor, Josh Weiss, took us to The Vessel about one hour before sunset.

The Vessel , Hudson Yards, New York City
The Vessel · Saturday 12 June 2021 · FujiFilm X-T2 at 1400 sec, ISO 400 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR at 16 mm at f/5.6

The Vessel's unique design and location in the heart of Hudson Yards offered an excellent opportunity for our photography group to capture the contrast between the modern Hudson Yards and the rest of New York City. The Vessel's panoramic views of the Hudson River, Hudson Yards, and the city provide an excellent opportunity to capture the city's iconic skyline in a new and different way.

The Vessel , Hudson Yards, New York City
The Vessel · Saturday 12 June 2021 · FujiFilm X-T2 at 180 sec, ISO 2000 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR at 40.1 mm at f/8.0

The guided tours of the Vessel would have been an excellent opportunity to learn about the Vessel's design and construction and the history of Hudson Yards' development. However, that experience was not part of workshop package. Josh offered his knowledge and familiarity with the area while providing the group with ample time to explore the possibilities. The field trip allowed me to pair up and work with other students, allowing us to share knowledge and techniques.

The Vessel , Hudson Yards, New York City
The Vessel · Saturday 12 June 2021 · FujiFilm X-T2 at 180 sec, ISO 1600 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR at 55 mm at f/8.0

The Vessel is a public landmark and a popular gathering spot for visitors because of the panoramic views of the Hudson River, Hudson Yards, and the city skyline. The Vessel's design features 154 flights of stairs and 80 landings, making it a popular spot for visitors to take in the views and snap a few photos. It's a tourist destinate and a popular spot for people-watching. Like many sightseers, I walked up and down the stairs, taking in the scenery from different angles. I used the Vessel's unique spaces to frame the Vessel's public spaces, including the gardens and terraces plazas, which also allow visitors to relax and enjoy the views.

The Vessel , Hudson Yards, New York City
The Vessel · Saturday 12 June 2021 · FujiFilm X-T2 at 1120 sec, ISO 400 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR at 55 mm at f/8.0

Photographing "The Vessel" at sunset was an excellent opportunity to get some photographs with dramatic light. As the sun sets, the Vessel's unique design casts long shadows and created patterns of light and shadow. The Vessel's panoramic views of the Hudson River, Hudson Yards, and the city skyline were particularly striking at sunset, as the warm light of the setting sun illuminated the surrounding buildings and created a beautiful contrast with the cool blue of the river.

The Vessel , Hudson Yards, New York City
The Vessel · Saturday 12 June 2021 · FujiFilm X-T2 at 1120 sec, ISO 400 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR at 38.8 mm at f/8.0

The High Line Views

The views from The High Line park in Manhattan are very different from what you see from the street.

The High Line Park offers unique views of the west side of Manhattan. The elevated park was built on an abandoned railroad track, providing a vantage point allowing visitors to see the city differently. One can see iconic buildings from the High Line, such as The Edge, near the Hudson Yards development.

One of the things I enjoy about the views from the High Line is the way they change as you walk along the park. The park is divided into different sections, each with distinct characters and views. For example, the neighbourhood near the Chelsea Market offers views of the market and the nearby streets and buildings. The section near the Hudson Yards provides views of the development's striking architecture and the Hudson River. And the area near the Javits Center offers views of the centre itself and the city's skyline.

Every time I walk The High Line, I am offered a unique and constantly evolving perspective.

Saturday 12 June 2021 · FujiFilm X-T2 at 180 sec,ISO 500 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR at 27.4 mm at f/5.6