Brix City Brewing's Agony of Oak

I am drinking a Agony of Oak by Brix City Brewing. Picker up.

I am in Brick Farm Tavern, drinking Agony of Oak by Brix City Brewing. Brix City Brewing is a Micro Brewery in Little Ferry, NJ. Agony of Oak beer style is American Wild Ale, with an ABV of 5.5% and IBU of 0. I gave Agony of Oak a 4 on Untappd's 5 point rating system.

Picker up.

Brewer's notes

This is a Barrel Aged Wild Ale the we collaborated on with @tavalontea . Each barrel that was blended went through secondary fermentation for up to 2 years in different Oak Barrels. The barrels were then blended with Tavalon's Ginger & Peach Oolong tea. Afterwards we then bottle conditioned this beer with Champagne yeast and let it referment in the bottles for a month

Brix City Brewing is a brewery based out of Little Ferry N.J. We produce a wide variety of ale and lager style beers as well as focusing on limited release barrel aged specialty beers.

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