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Red Mill Museum Village

It's the most photographed location in New Jersey. The Red Mill is a 4-story grist mill and historic site located along the south branch of the Raritan River in Clinton, New Jersey. It was built around 1810 as an industrial mill. It has served several roles, including a wool processing plant, a peach basket factory, and a textile mill.

Sunset, Lambertville,

New Jersey

I was born and raised in the West Indies but have lived most of my life in New Jersey. I've lived in New Jersey for over thirty years, longer than I have been married and longer than I have ever lived in any one place. New Jersey is a small state, but I am sure that I have yet to explore all that my home state has to offer photographically. These images were captured over the last twelve years, mostly around the counties of Somerset, Mercer, and Hunterdon.

City, Lights, Water, Manhattan, New York City

New York

When my family emigrated to the United States, we settled down in East Elmhurst, Queen, New York. I was not yet into photography and didn't explore the area in those early years. When I bought my Fujifilm X-T2, I started exploring Manhattan, Brooklyn and, where I had the opportunity, upstate New York with my camera.

Prothonatary Warbler, Warbler, Bird, Yellow


I have always admired Ray Hennessey's bird photography and recently I had the opportunity to attend a few of his warbler workshops. I just love the colour and behaviour of these interesting little birds.

iPhone Photography

9+ years of iPhone Photography starting with my iPhone 4 in 2010 up to my the iPhone 11 Pro.