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I learned about the word Gemütlichkeit while reading an article about German beer gardens. According to Wikipedia: Gemütlichkeit is a German-language word used to convey the idea of a state or feeling of warmth, friendliness, and good cheer. Other qualities encompassed by the term include cosiness, peace of mind, and a sense of belonging and well-being springing from social acceptance. This word describes how I feel when I visit Flounder Brewing. This frame is another from a 35mm roll of…

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Will I Buy the Fujifilm X-T5?

Fujifilm X-T5 profile

The Fuji X-T1 was released in 2014 to celebrate Fujifilm’s 80th anniversary, but the X-T1 (and X-E1) led to a mirrorless camera revolution. As someone who was never satisfied with the design elements of popular DLSR cameras, I immediately understood a design similar to the classic 35mm SLR camera could have its advantages and be more of a flexible, all-around camera. And that’s precisely what the X-T series became for me. The X-T4 was released when the X-T3 was just…

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