Apple is a profit-driven business as much as Spotify is, but it is time for Apple to rethink its 30 percent rate.

On Spotify’s Complaints About the App Store (Daring Fireball)
What Apple should do is allow apps that opt out of IAP to explain that users need to subscribe or make purchases using a web browser, and allow them to link to their website from within the app (even if they’d be required to open that link in Safari, as opposed to an in-app web view).

Everything else in Spotify’s list of complaints seems like noise to me, and distracts from the central issues — which happen to be the issues where Spotify should be on the strongest legal footing.

Apple published a detailed response to Spotify’s complaints today. It’s a cogent read and their points are all well-made — but Apple conspicuously avoids addressing the fact that apps like Spotify aren’t even allowed to tell users how to subscribe using a web browser. Apple executives should take a hard look at why they chose not to defend that policy.

This is the world the tech-giants have foisted upon us, using tools expropriated from Free Software, using free labour provided by everyone, using the excuse of “Freedumb of Speech”, clinging to a valueset formed in a nation where this kind of hatred is part of the everyday mainstream.Daniel Goldsmith

Sigh. I think it’s time I remove this blogger from my feed reader. Blaming racism and terrorism on tech companies is such a cop-out. Attacks on the principles of freedom of speech simply because one doesn’t like that speech is just downright idiotic.