flower, sourland mountain, rue anemone

Macro Moments Challenge #36 Bokeh

Macro Moments Challenge #36 by Susan Gutterman (Musin' With Susan)

Congratulations to Khürt, a relatively new participant, for submitting the winning entry to Challenge #35. Khürt’s beautiful photo is called Rue Anemone and he includes lots of information about his settings and taking the shot in his post.

The word bokeh is a Japanese loanword to the English language. The word refers to the visual quality of the out-of-focus areas of a photographic image. Note that bokeh is not the same as blur. Bokeh is the quality of the blur. Visible bokeh is often achieved by shooting at very wide apertures to blur…

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rue anemone, flower, sourland mountain

Macro Moments Challenge #35 Rue Anemone

Macro Moments Challenge #35 by Susan Gutterman (Musin' With Susan)

It’s good to be back. March had five Wednesdays, so it’s been three weeks since the last challenge posted! Congratulations to justpat1 of https://pitammm.wordpress.com/ for submitting the winning entry to Challenge #34.

Over the weekend I went hiking in the Sourland Mountain Preserve and observed numerous wildflowers along the trail. The flower in the post header is rue anemone. Rue anemone (Thalictrum thalictroides) is a herbaceous perennial native to woodland in eastern North America. Once again I used the Kenko Auto Extension Tube Set DG but mounted…

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Wild Sunflowers

My photography and post processing skills have improved in the last few years so I decided to go back and re-process some of my older images. I'm not certain, but I think this is a wild sunflower. The image was taken several years ago while driving along Wargo Road. It was pickup day at the…

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Round-lobed Hepatica, spring, flower, purple, sourland mountain

Round-lobed Hepatica

This afternoon, Bhavana and I went for another hike in the Somerset County Sourland Mountain Preserve. The hike, a Wildflower Walk, was organised by the Sourland Conservancy Stewards. The hike was led Jared Rosenbaum of Wild Ridge Plants, LLC. Jared is a naturalist advisor to the Sourland Conservancy’s Sourland Stewards program. Turn's out we had…

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