A wallet for my iPhone

I'm in the market for a new wallet. My current wallet was purchased several years ago. It has served me well but is beginning to look worse for wear. After several years I feel I need a change.

I carry my iPhone in my left pants pocket. With no case. Commando. I've always been careful to not put iPhone into my pocket with a set of keys. This reduces the chance that my iPhone screen will be scratched.

Keeping my iPhone and my wallet separate does cause a problem. It's a small uncomfortable problem. Bulk and weight. The wallet and iPhone 5 together is like putting a small rock in my pants. Wait ... don't go off on some sexual tangent. I'm writing about wallets!

In any case, it's uncomfortable while sitting. Quite. I find myself taking my iPhone out of my pocket when I sit to work or at a meeting or eating. Sometimes taking the iPhone or wallet out of my pocket isn't easy to do. Especially when wearing jeans.

I don't have the traditional billfold. I have one of those wallets that is a partial clip and part card, holder. It has three card slots which I've stuffed with a number of “necessary” items. Ok. Some of it isn't necessary. There are two credit cards that I don't need in my wallet so I really just need enough space to carry six cards ( or maybe less ) and a money clip that can hold a few bills is all in I need. I do want some space to place my iPhone.

Twelve South, SurfacePad, iPhone 5[exif id="33193"]

Twelve South, SurfacePad, iPhone 5[exif id="33195"]

The item in the photograph above is the SurfacePad for iPhone from TwelveSouth. It's an attractive flip cover but not very useful as a wallet. It has no slots to hold credit cards or money but can be used as a stand. Although it provides minimally more protection that carrying my iPhone 5 naked in my pocket I want one anyway.

Twelve South, Bookbook, iPhone 5[exif id="33190"]

Twelve South, Bookbook, iPhone 5[exif id="33191"]

I've researched the iPhone wallet need for over a year. I still haven't found what I'm looking for. Most of the wallet I've seen -- most on Etsy -- is some sort of felt sleeve with one or two slots for money and credit cards. They don't look durable and would require me to slide my iPhone out every time I want to use it. Plus my hands would then be occupied holding the rest of the wallet while using the phone.

The wallet about is the BookBook, also from TwelveSouth. I think this wallet comes close to what I want. It has four slots for credit cards and ID cards, plus an internal pocket for cash. The iPhone 5 fits snugly in a slot on the right and the back cover has holes for the iPhone camera and flash. I would not need to remove the phone to make a call. So what's holding me back from a purchase? I'm just not in love with the outside spine. I don't like the look of that book. If this was smooth leather this would be perfect.

Any ideas on where I can find a wallet like the BookBook without the book design?

Author: Khürt Williams

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