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I've used many weather apps. Some offer a packed display of current conditions (no pun intended), location, wind speed and a forecast for the news few days. Others have gorgeous high-resolution animated images of the weather -- falling snow, blowing grass etc. Some others display Doppler radar video and breaking news on storms all over the world. These are all good apps geared towards the needs of a diverse demographic. My wife for instance doesn't just want to know if it will snow she wants to know when it will snow. I just want to know whether I'll be shoveling snow anytime that day.

Conditions is an iPhone weather app for the minimalist. This 99¢ app displays the current weather and the forecast for the news five days on a plain white background. You can swipe down to refresh the screen or tap gently to toggle between hiding or displaying the future forecast. The user can specific Fahrenheit or Celsius from the options in the iOS Settings app or let the app update that based on location. The app will turn dark at night. There are no other controls in the app.

That's all to tell about this app.

Author: Khürt Williams

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