Aperture ƒ/1.8  Camera iPhone 7  Captured 30 July, 2017  Flash no  Focal length 3.99mm  ISO 125  Shutter speed 1/30s 

This weekened I attended a macro photography workshop by well known macro photographer, Don Komerechka. It was a fun but challenging workshop and I learned just how creative Don is and how much I have to learn. I am so far from where I want to be with macro but with patience and perseverance I think I can improve my craft. The workshop kept me quite busy so I had no time to capture something for the photo challenge. But around 6P.M. my wife suggested we go for a quick walk in the woods of the Autumn Hill Preserve in Princeton. It’s a five minute drive from our home. I brought my camera with me but after parking, I realized I had forgotten my camera card in the computer. I had pulled it out to download the images from the workshop and did not put it back. I had no choice but to use my iPhone 7.

 Aperture ƒ/1.8  Camera iPhone 7  Captured 30 July, 2017  Flash no  Focal length 3.99mm  ISO 125  Shutter speed 1/30s 

We walked the trail in and out for about two kilometrees. It seemed to us that the old trail had been replaced with a new one. We were happy for that. The old trail had a tendency to collect rain water and get swampy. The new trail seemds to be on more solid ground.

 Aperture ƒ/1.8  Camera iPhone 7  Captured 30 July, 2017  Flash no  Focal length 3.99mm  ISO 50  Shutter speed 1/30s 

These are the best of the images from the walk.

 Aperture ƒ/1.8  Camera iPhone 7  Captured 30 July, 2017  Flash no  Focal length 3.99mm  ISO 40  Shutter speed 1/120s 

Created by photographer Frank Jansen, the Tuesday Photo Challenge is a weekly theme-based challenge for photographers of all kinds to share both new and old photography.

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  1. Particularly love the photo looking up to the sky and tree tops – also the daisies 🙂

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