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Any site that receives webmentions should respect any request to remove their display or purge the information. But webmention itself allows for this. If you send another webmention, it will update. So, if you take down the page, send another webmention and it will purge the comment. There’s even a form built into the Webmention plugin for that.

David, the GDPR is why I have a web application firewall blocking all web traffic originating in the EU. I am researching ways to either remove all commenting except for Webmentions or using another comment system, like Isso, that give the commenter control.

ueberseemaedchen ,I spent some time this weekend testing Webmention deletes and I’m excited at how well it works.

And I agree with what David wrote here:

But, webmentions require affirmative action. You have to link to me. Someone has to send one. If you didn’t want that outcome, why install the plugin that has this feature?

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