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Day 3 of Photography 101. The keyword is water. My initial intention was to capture one of the lakes or waterways near my home. I live near Carnegie Lake and drive by several brooks and streams on my way to work. However, the last few days I have attended an information secuyrity forum in Philadelphia.  The event starts each day at 7:30 AM and ends around 5PM.  I leave home in the dark and get to the event just after sunrise. The event is packed with presentations from information security experts and product vendors. There is no break to go outdoors and scout out “water”. By the time the event ends for the day, the sun is coming down and I arrive home after dark.Water, NIKOND5100 20141105 3225 Edit

This is the best I could do within the restraints. It SUCK ASS! It’s a photo of water falling from the shower head in my master bathroom. I used a Trigger Trap in motion sensor mode to remotely trigger my Nikon D5100 and Nikkor Speedlight. The camera was set in exposure priority with the exposure set to 1/200 second. That’s the fastest flash sync speed my D5100 supports. I pused the image through Silver EFX Pro 2.
I have decided that if time and place restrictions do not permit me to take a photo for the day that appeals to me as a photographer I will use one from my existing catalog. Here’s the photo I would have prefered to take.
Water, NIKOND5100 20141004 2339
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