After Instagram changed it’s terms of service I, like many others, [starting searching for an alternative]( For me it’s not about being paid for my photos it was about how my photos could be used in a way that might misrepresent me. I’m using Starmatic and Eye’Em but I have not made a firm decision on which app and social network works for me. One app that has potential is []( The app is available for both [iOS]( and [Android OS](

Like Instagram the app is free. Creating an [account]( was easy using your Twitter or Facebook account. Once linked to these two social media accounts you can find which of your friends have accounts on or invite your friends to join the service. “Review” 20121227 143844 upload

The app’s layout isn’t unlike Instagram’s however isn’t only a photo service. The camera button allows you to take a new photo or video or sound capture. When I pondered that for a bit I realized that is like Tumblr. You van even do text only posts. “Review” 20121227 144133 feed

The feed tab shows you content that has been uploaded by people you are following. You can show your appreciation for a photo with the like button or leave a comment. The repost button is similar to a Tumblr’s reblog feature. “Review” 20121227 150209 Explore

The Explore button allows you to see the entire unfiltered media stream or enter a keyword to filter. Again, this reminds me of Tumblr. “Review” 20121227 150224 activity

The activity button shows you the activity related to your profile — comments or likes on your photos, new followers etc. “Review” 20121227 151805 profile “Review” 20121227 150238 profile

The profile tab is where you can view the content you’ve posted to your profile as well as connect to any existing Facebook and Twitter contacts.

One thing that was not clear until I visited the web site is that a public profile page had been created for me. This is a public sharing service. There is no way to post private photos. That makes sense to me. If you want to keep your photos private why upload them in the first place? sharing with a limited group of people can be accomplished with email or via a password protected blog.

One limitation of is that sharing options are limited to your public profile, Facebook and Twitter. This is more limiting than most photo sharing apps such which also allow sharing to Tumblr and Flickr. This one limitation is keeping me from making my default Instagram replacement. This might not matter to you are willing to have replace you Tumblr. There is also no easy way to embed into a WordPress blog. There were several apps that allowed me to do this with my Instagram images.

#Conclusion# isn’t what I want in a photo sharing app. I’m still on the look out for the “perfect” app. is easy to use, has an active (but not large) community, and a few external social sharing options. However, the lack of integration with my WordPress blog is holding me back.

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  1. I agree but … although I deleted my account I’m back to using the service. Quite honestly, the other services just don’t have the reach — number of users — and the API that allows third party development.

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