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2012 Web Site Metrics

My buddy, Scott Wyden, [published his 2012 blog metrics from Google Analytics]( data as an infographic[^1]. At the risk of embarrassing myself I thought I would do the same.

2012 Web Site Metrics, 20130102 135827

As I expected the results are not what I want after 10 years of blogging. Less than half of my web traffic is US based with the rest spread thinly accross the planet. I seem to have a small readership in Europe.

Most of my readership uses a WebKit based browser, especially Safari. That makes sense given that most of my posts in 2012 was about Apple based products. That is reflected in the platform that my readership uses to access the site — 63% are Mac users. However, only 11% of my readership are repeat visits so … I must work on creating more compelling content. I know the content isn’t great. Readers spend on average only 18 seconds on the site. Obviously, I have work to do grown my community of readers.

I enjoyed a lot of referrals from OS X Daily in 2012. Hmmm … I’ll have to start doing more commentary on that site.

[^1]: Scott used an iPhone app called [Analytiks]( which I had forgotten I owned.