Rustic Red Barn on Mountain View Road

It was one of those winter days where the air was crisp, and the light was just perfect.

After visiting the Kingston Grist Mill, I decided to drive to Zion Crossing Park on Hollow Road. I couldn't remember taking any pictures of the park in the snow, so I didn't want to miss the opportunity. I planned to take Cherry Valley Road to Greatown-Franklin Turnpike (CR-518) to get to Hollow Road. However, while driving, I suddenly realized that there might be some great photography opportunities on Mountain View Road. So I turned off Cherry Valley Road onto the southern end of Mountain View Road.

There are no sidewalks or shoulders on the old country roads of Montgomery Township. Parking and stopping on the grassy areas on Mountain View Road can be difficult, especially with the possibility of ice under fresh snow. To take a photo, I made a U-turn and parked my Acura as close to the edge of the road as possible. Then, I put on the flashers and quickly grabbed my Fuji camera, which was still attached to the tripod. I ran over to the corner, roughly the same spot where I took a photo a few years ago, and set up the tripod to capture the moment.

Standing on the familiar spot on Mountain View Road, I surveyed the serene scene unfolding before my eyes. It was one of those winter days where the air was crisp, and the light was just perfect, creating a scene that looked as if it were painted.

The subject of my photo, a rustic red barn, sat amidst a sea of fresh snow. I found it hard not to be drawn to the charm of this barn with its vibrant red panels that seemed to glow against the stark, white landscape. The snow lay thick on the ground, untouched in many places, giving the scene a pure, undisturbed look.

Rustic Red Barn in the snow
17 February 2024 · FujiFilm X-T3 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR

There's a stately tree to the left, bare and beautiful in its dormancy, with branches that stretch up into the sky like the delicate lines of a drawing. This tree, along with the others at the edge of the frame, forms a natural border that frames the barn wonderfully, creating a composition that feels balanced and inviting.

The sky is a masterpiece in itself, with clouds that are soft and fluffy, creating a dynamic backdrop of varying shades of blue and grey. The clouds seem to whisper the possibility of more winter weather to come, adding a sense of anticipation to the stillness.

In the distance, other buildings hint at farm life beyond what my eye can see. The shadows cast by the trees on the snow add depth to the photo, highlighting the contours of the land and the texture of the season.

Capturing this photograph, I felt a connection to the landscape and a deep appreciation for the quiet beauty of the moment.