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Triggertrap Ada Project Crashes. I Feel Burned.

This is going to be the backer update that no Kickstarter project wants to send. via Triggertrap Ada: Modular Camera Trigger by Triggertrap — Kickstarter And so began the message that I always fear when backing a project on Kickstarter. Due to poor project and budget planning, Triggertrap decided to pull the plug on its latest project, the Ada. I read the note they posted to Kickstarter and the long Medium posting written by the CEO, Haje Jan Kamps, about…

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The Challenges Of Making The Triggertrap

Triggertrap CEO Haje Jan Kamps has written a lengthy, full disclosure, piece about the good and the bad of working on the Ada project. Looking back at it now, I have literally no idea how we thought we were going to deliver on time. Even though we already successfully delivered one Kickstarter project, for Triggertrap v1, (it was delivered around 14 months after the end of the Kickstarter campaign ended?—?around 7 months behind schedule), we figured we’d learned our lessons.…

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