sunset against blades of grassImage by :Khürt L. Williams. NIKON D5100 (35mm, f/4, 1/800 sec, ISO100)

I shot this in late summer on a family trip to the Highline in Manhattan. We took a leisurely stroll along the new section of track before walking back toward the lower end as the sun waned. I miss the warmth of the sun. Today was all grey skies and damp air. Tonight we have snow. Ugh!

Sunset Over Princeton Airport

NIKON D5100 20141019 2644

I parked near the Princeton Fitness Center and walked over 206. I only realized it when I got to the traffic light but there is a pedestrian cross walk near the exit onto Route 206 from the strip mall.

Despite my experience photographing the Princeton Boathouse this morning I forgot my cold it was outside. I got to the location — the empty lot just north of the Princeton Airport — around 5:30; just a few minutes before the start of golden hour.

Thank goodness I had my sunglasses. Steering into the sun while I focused my camera to the horizon might have damaged my retinas. I stood in the cold firing off a few shots about every five minutes. I left when I thought the sun would go down and leave me standing in the field in the dark.