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“It snowed!”

People who know me also know that I’m a fan of neither cold nor snow. I grew up in the warm climes of the English speaking Caribbean (the British West Indies) and had my first experience with snow when I was almost nineteen. It was my first semester at college and I had made a…

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I don’t like the cold, so I did not take my camera out all week. Last night around 10 PM I suddenly remembered and looked around desperately for something to shoot. I saw this toy car that my nephew left here the last time he was over. I tossed it on the couch and ….…



This is my first submission for my 52-week photography project. Her name is Sasha. I took the photo late last night at a dinner party hosted by my wife’s employer. Not much of a story here. Sasha had the run of the house and decided to spend her time trying to eat the ribbons sitting…