Week 3   It snowed!, 20120121 NIKON D40 6185  PM 2 920x474

People who know me, also know that I’m fan of neither cold nor snow. I grew up in the warm climes of the English speaking Caribbean (the West Indies) and had my first experience with snow when I was almost nineteen. I it was my first semester at [college](http://www.drew.edu/undergraduate/academics/aos/physics) and I had made a few new acquaintance. One of them came banging on my door yelling “Snow”! I stepped outside with him to experience this wonder of white stuff falling from the sky. I remember enjoying the cold wet fluff in my hands and was told to try and catch a snow flake with my tongue. It seemed wonderful and magical. It was only later that I came to understand the true meaning of a snow fall.

It meant trudging out in the cold and wet to a class. It meant that my shoes were full of sand and salt. It meant that I had to spend months under a blanket. Yeah, I’m not too positve about snow. Today’s snow fall means my back will get a real work out. It means the roads will be full of incompetent idiots in SUV who think they are invincible (thank goodness [Montgomery Martial Arts](http://www.montgomerykick.com/) is closed today). My wife, Bhavna, wonders how I managed to survive the winters in Michigan while attending the [University of Michigan](http://www.rackham.umich.edu/). I did it because I wanted an advanced degree. She’s right; I survived it.

But now … I’ve got kids. The first words I heard from my eleven year old daughter this morning were, “It snowing! It snowing!”. My almost thirteen year old son says he won’t let us move to California or Florida — I keep threatening to do it — because it doesn’t snow. Perhaps I need to see this through their eyes. Perhaps, it’s time to put away adult thinking and just enjoy what is. “It snowed!”