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One Photo Focus November

Original image © Julie Powell, edited by Khürt Williams

It's time for the November One Photo Focus challenge. This month's image is provided courtesy of Julie Powell. Be sure to visit Stacy’s page to see each participant's edit of this image. [caption id="attachment_23266" align="aligncenter" width="1000"] Original image © Julie Powell[/caption] The first thing I did after importing this image to Adobe Lightroom was adjusted…

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One Photo Focus September

Original image Stacy Fischer edited by Khürt Williams

This weekend, while stumbling through the “Reader” section of the WordPress iO app, I discovered the After Before Forum and the One Photo Focus challenge. The “After Before Forum” was the brainchild of Stacy P. Fischer who had been hosting a regular photo challenge on her blog, Visual Venturing. Currently the “After Before Forum” is…

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