One Photo Focus November

It's time for the November One Photo Focus challenge. This month's image is provided courtesy of Julie Powell. Be sure to visit Stacy’s page to see each participant's edit of this image.

Original image © Julie Powell
Original image © Julie Powell

The first thing I did after importing this image to Adobe Lightroom was adjusted the vertical perspective. To me, the original image seemed titled. I used the Guided tool and aligned based on the cardboard box on the right-hand side. The adjustment was -4.8, and I enabled constrain crop while I worked on it.

I then applied lens correction to remove any chromatic aberrations and enabled profile corrections and applied the default, cropped the image to remove the box and the light source from the frame and sat back to consider my next steps.

I messed around with a few filter presets before settling on this one. It's a Wet Plate preset called Chocolate Shadows. I don't remember where I found the preset, but I like how it darkened the shadows including the distracting background and floor.

Original image © Julie Powell, edited by Khürt Williams
Original image © Julie Powell, edited by Khürt Williams

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