Mehta Family

I almost always carry a camera with me. Usually, it’s just my iPhone 11 Pro, but if I expect to take photographs with intent, I bring either my Fuji X-T3 or one of my Minolta 35mm film cameras.

Whenever I drink beer, I use the Untappd app to "check-in, " rate the beer, post a photograph, and comment. I brought the Fuji X-T3 with me to Thanksgiving dinner as I expected I would be drinking beer for the evening. The Fuji JPEG images are generally sharper than the images from my iPhone.

Sometimes I am asked to make some on-the-spot family portraits. The lighting conditions and scenes rarely allow for making presentable photographs, but I do them because it’s family. I do my best. And sometimes, the lighting and scenery "just work".

This photograph of my nieces, in-laws and their canine family members was taken on my younger sister-in-law's patio. I regret not making family portraits for everyone.

I used the Provia film simulation and edited the images for shadow and highlight in Adobe Lightroom. The XF27mmF2.8 R WR is better at street photography, but I made it work.