WordPress Caching

I had some WordPress performance issues over the weekend. The website was performing so poorly that connections timed out. I traced the problem to some changes I made in the MySQL configuration. I want to spend more time learning about that so that I can find tune thing. To recover, I created a new Digital Ocean VPS and copied the default MySQL configuration to my VPS. The website performance returned.

By the time I had things squared away, my mind was soon in tweaker mode, so I made sure APCu Object Cache for PHP7 was installed, then I installed and configured the WP LCache and W3 Total Cache plugins.

There are still some issues I want to work on fixing:

  • render-blocking CSS and JavaScript
  • MySQL read performance

WordPress Speed Boost

Oh yeah! I found useful information in this WordPress Optimization Bible by Vladdimir Prelovac. A few minutes tweaking the MySQL database for Island in the Net and my website had a very improved Google PageSpeed Insights.

query_cache_limit       = 2M
query_cache_size        = 256M
query_cache_type = 1

Open Source Softare has to be better

The thing about open source by Bijan Sabet (bijansabet.com)

I think we need to aim even higher with open source movement. It’s not just about an open source version of Photoshop or Windows or MS Office. It has to be bigger and more ambitious than free and open. It has to be better.

I’m a proponent and critic of man Open Source Projects. Some projects like PHP, Perl, Apache, Linux, MySQL, are very successful and provide very capable solutions to enterprises and small businesses.

Other projects like GIMP and OpenOffice are a disappointment. They are poor alternatives for the products they are meant to replace. They are the “poor mans” software. The poor deserve better.