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Experience Reports, a blogging platform made for love, not profit

I've recently started using, an open-source blogging platform that it's developer, John O'Nolan, hopes will bring back the art of "just blogging1". Ghost, unlike established players like WordPress or Joomla, has no interest in being a content-management system. It's meant to be simple to setup and use. I liked the promise of Ghost. Unlike most blogging platforms today which are based on PHP, Ghost is built on top of the popular server-side2 JavaScript engine, Node.js. Today it's no longer…

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Open Source Softare has to be better

The thing about open source by Bijan Sabet ( I think we need to aim even higher with open source movement. It’s not just about an open source version of Photoshop or Windows or MS Office. It has to be bigger and more ambitious than free and open. It has to be better. I’m a proponent and critic of man Open Source Projects. Some projects like PHP, Perl, Apache, Linux, MySQL, are very successful and provide very capable solutions to…

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