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Ellis Island

I was at Ellis Island today as a chaperone for my daughter’s 5th Grade class. We did not get a chance to visit the statue of liberty, but our ferry did stop so that we could take some photos. I’ll post the pictures from my Nikon when I have a chance. Keeping track of seven…

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Read Nike decries frenzies, arrests over Air Jordan shoes

In Indianapolis, shoppers stormed a mall, trampling fellow consumers and ripping a door off its hinges. In Seattle, police used pepper spray on about 20 shoppers fighting over the shoes. A man was stabbed in a brawl over the shoes in Jersey City, N.J. He’s expected to recover.I’ve never heard of this happening at an iPhone release day. Adidas should run some ads showing stupid Nike shoppers lined up while some smart ass walks buy with his new lame ass sneakers.

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