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The Divide Between Silicon Valley and Washington Is a National-Security Threat In the past year, Google executives, citing ethical concerns, have canceled an artificial-intelligence project with the Pentagon and refused to even bid on the Defense Department’s Project JEDI, a desperately needed $10 billion IT-improvement program. While stiff-arming Washington, Google has been embracing Beijing, helping the Chinese government develop a more effective censored search engine despite outcries from human-rights groups, American politicians, and, more recently, its own employees. Via Ben…

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Ellis Island Field Trip with the 5th Grade

My daughter’s 5th-grade class went on a field trip to Ellis Island today. My daughter insisted that I chaperone, so I was given the responsibility for seven girls (including my daughter). We, of course, started our trip on the New Jersey side. I carpooled with another parent. Despite leaving 15 minutes before the school bus, we arrived too late to catch the 9 AM ferry. We got stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on I-78 that caused our 90 minutes…

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