Why Lytro?

Radical Camera Lets You Pick What’s Blurry And What’s Not (AllThingsD)

Lytro's revolutionary new camera reinvents the point-and-shoot camera, allowing you to focus or refocus your photographs after you take them.

Walt Mossberg found it easy to use. I’ve been testing the Lytro and found it does just what it says. I was able to take rapid-fire shots that looked good on my computer, and that could be focused and refocused, uploaded to the Internet and shared. I consider it a revolution in consumer photography, with…

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Biggest Risk to the Economy

Modern technologies allow us to shop in real time, often worldwide, for the lowest prices, highest quality, and best returns. Through the Internet and advanced software we can now get relevant information instantaneously, compare deals, and move our money at the speed of electronic impulses. We can buy goods over the Internet that are delivered…

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For many geeks, the Internet is our first weapon of choice. We can use it to rally our troops and direct them to the proper targets. But the Internet isn’t an edged weapon, even though many might argue otherwise. Nope… for me, Internet fights are all about snowballs. This is one doozy of a snowball…

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