How will we secure the Internet of things?

We have already seen attacks from the virtual world affecting the physical world, so, wouldn't it be great if an attacker could shut down our refrigerators or the chillers and freezers in the Supermarkets? Imagine someone holding our fresh food supply hostage or just destroying it? Might it drive mass hysteria? Sure they could attack the power grids but we are all doing a lot of work to keep those safe. What are we doing to protect those things that we have come to take for granted that our society requires to maintain our current way of life?Information Security Island

Author: Khürt Williams

I work in application security architecture and I live in Montgomery Township, New Jersey with my wife Bhavna. Passionate about photography, you’ll find me writing about cybersecurity, tropical aquariums, terrariums, hiking, craft breweries, and capturing birds on camera. My prose is like a caffeinated squirrel—fast, unpredictable, and occasionally insightful.