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The Downsides of a Static Site Generator

The Downsides of a Static Site Generator by Martyn Chamberlin (Drinking Caffeine)

Database-driven architectures are better than file-driven ones. Who knew?!

Although Martyn later changed his mind about switching to WordPress, from my experience, his points are valid. The challenge I have with using a static site generator or daily blogging is the amount of time needed to create a new post. I like to create posts with featured images and many of my posts have…

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Learning Wordpress Then Jekyll (Daniel Brinneman)

In theory, I’m happy with this setup. No more database and security issues tied to that. No more slow loading. Twig and Collections are enough for creating the functions and section pulls that I need and the last thing I’m wrapping my mind around is images and I’m sure that Gulp (runs tasks you write to do functions you need, like resizing thumbs for images) will be next on the list for creating responsive images for mobile screens.

I don’t get paid for web development anymore. I still use WordPress on my main website because I want 100% ownership and control of my content. I want to allow comments from the WordPress.com community and other readers who won’t have a website and those who can’t be bothered with Webmentions. That rules out the…

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