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Building Static Web Sites Suck

Man, do static sites suck. by Vicki Boykis (veekaybee.github.io)

I like clean stuff and I like tech blogs. So, I decided to give Jekyll, the most popular of the static sites, a try. At the same time, I’ve been revamping my main website to include some other Wordpress blogs, so I decided to see how long it would take to install Wordpress on Bluehost versus Jekyll on Gitpages.

Twice I’ve tried to setup a Jekyll website. I was successful once. The effort involved was much more than the QuickStart on the Jekyll website led me to expect. So far I have Jekyll running on macOS but my process was. Install HomeBrew — after realizing that I needed Git. Install Git Install Jekyll Install…

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The Downsides of a Static Site Generator

The Downsides of a Static Site Generator by Martyn Chamberlin (Drinking Caffeine)

Database-driven architectures are better than file-driven ones. Who knew?!

Although Martyn later changed his mind about switching to WordPress, from my experience, his points are valid. The challenge I have with using a static site generator or daily blogging is the amount of time needed to create a new post. I like to create posts with featured images and many of my posts have…

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