… How many times have you seen someone doing a video call from a tablet? How often have you seen someone hook up a tablet to a 50-inch HDTV and use it to play HD movies and games? How many people do you know who have hooked up a keyboard to their tablet and completely ditched their laptop?

Again as is the case with photography, users can shoot, edit and post impressive videos directly from their phones. When it comes to choosing between an iPhone and point-and-shoot camera, or a flip video, the convenience of having all of those tools in one device makes the decision a no-brainer, and in so doing, you’ll also save money from having to buy several gadgets.Did Apple's iPhone Redefine Photography?

Recently, we found our Sony point-n-shoot in the back of a cabinet. Our Sony HD camcorder hasn’t been used in almost a year.

Since I started my 365 project I've operated under an assumption that I now know to be false. I've been using my Nikkor 35mm f/1.8G for almost all my photographs with a few exceptions. I've used my Nikkor 18-55mm for a few photographs but I've stuck to using my D40 for all of the photographs.

I was sitting in the waiting room at the ear, nose and throat specialist (I've been having bouts of vertigo) reading an about an update to my favourite iPhone 4 camera app, Camera+. It suddenly hit me that I had more than one camera at my disposal. I had the iPhone, my wife's Sony DSC-W77, and the image camera in our Sony HDR-CX7 HD camcorder. My project is about becoming a better photographer. What camera I use does not matter.

Camera: iPhone 4
Software: Camera+ 2.2 (Clarity, Depth of Field effect)