Details on a New PGP Vulnerability

Details on a New PGP Vulnerability - Schneier on Security by Bruce Schneier (

Why is anyone using encrypted e-mail anymore, anyway? Reliably and easily encrypting e-mail is an insurmountably hard problem for reasons having nothing to do with today's announcement. If you need to communicate securely, use Signal. If having Signal on your phone will arouse suspicion, use WhatsApp.

Interesting that Bruce things email encryption is a lost cause. For reasons that are mostly about ease of use.

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iOS 5 Secure Mail

One of the least mentioned features of the new Mail app in iOS 5 is encrypted email. iOS 5 allows the user to send digitally signed or encrypted email to protect your electronic communications. I've written about digital certificates before on this blog. The idea is to use a unique key — a digital certificate…

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