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Willys Jeep Station Wagon

A Cool Car That Caught My Eye by Marie (The New 3 Rs: Retire, Recharge, Reconnect)

My brother owns a 1962 Willys Jeep Station Wagon named Irene. Produced by Willys-Overland from 1946-1964, the Willys Wagon was a forerunner of today’s SUV. Willys-Overland manufacture the Jeeps used by the American military in World War II. Irene is in fantastic condition with most of its original interior. The dash board is unusual. The radio sits behind the steering wheel. The gauges are large and are in the middle. It has four stick shifts. Getting in and out of the back seat is a bit of a struggle. My brother raised gladiolas and used Irene to transport them.

Interesting vehicle -- especially the part about the radio. I guess the driver set the channel before leaving and choose to stay happy with their choice during travel. Based on the description and photo I think the Willys Jeep Station Wagon, as the name suggests, is the forerunner of the modern station wagon, not the…

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New York City by car, bus, train, bicycle and on foot

Photo by Kevin Rajaram on Unsplash

https://duncanstephen.co.uk/there-are-better-ways-to-get-around-town/ by Duncan Stephen (Duncan Stephen)

As cities become ever-more crowded, and with an autonomous revolution about to kick off, now is the time to radically rethink how our streets are designed. The days of cars taking priority have to end, and to encourage active travel — cycling and walking. It will make us all feel better and be safer.

Colin, I’m convinced that any initiative that doesn't take into account the unique nature of New York City will have unintended negative consequences. The New York Times article is lacking in perspective. While I understand the desire to tame traffic and make walking and biking safer, and I applaud efforts to do so, most of…

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