Discovering Happiness

Bhavna and I took our toddlers, Shaan and Kiran, for a stroll along the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park Trail.

Bhavna and I took a leisurely stroll along the Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park Trail with our young ones, Shaan and Kiran, in tow. Setting off from the Rocky Hill trailhead, we headed northward toward Griggstown.

Shaan was fully engrossed in his little adventure as we walked, darting around to collect leaves and charming pebbles that always capture children's attention. At that moment, my worries about my recent unemployment, which came shortly after we purchased our home in September, seemed to fade into the background.

That September is etched in memory, overshadowed by the tragic terrorist attacks that shook the entire nation. The ripple effects of those events reached Wall Street and the local job market, prompting many businesses to adopt a more cautious approach to hiring.

Financial anxiety weighed heavily on my mind. We had closed on our new home just a week after 911, and shortly after that, my contract with a client was terminated. With high closing costs and dwindling savings, the situation felt unsettling.

Bhavna and I strategised on how to navigate through this challenging period. We knew family vacations were out of the question until I could secure employment and rebuild our savings. Instead, we brainstormed inexpensive activities to entertain the kids and provide a temporary escape from the stress at home.

Our walk along the canal offered a brief reprieve from the daily anxiety of job hunting. It allowed me to momentarily set aside the responsibilities of adulthood and immerse myself in the carefree world of my young children.

D&R Canal State Park Trail
D&R Canal State Park Trail | Monday 22 October, 2001 | Sony CYBERSHOT | 13.9 mm | 170 sec at f/4.0 | ISO 100