iPhone 11 Pro 365: Day 174: iPhone Filmic

I'm trying something new with iPhone photographs. I wanted to make the photos look like I captured them on a film camera. With that in mind, I create an Adobe Lightroom preset around the Tone Curve feature in Adobe Lightroom. The preset does not attempt to replicate the look of any particular type or brand of film.


I love sipping the wild-fermented ales in the taproom at the Referend Bier Blendery.

I don't visit as often as I would like, but I love sipping the barrel-aged spontaneously fermented wild & sour ales at the taproom at the Referend Bier Blendery. The indoor picnic table theme and the flavours of the ales invites one to bring a basket of deli cheeses, crackers and grapes. Some of the tables can seat up to eight encouraging you to bring along some close friends.

You sit surrounded by wine barrels while vinyl spins on the turntable.