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Summer To Do List 2015

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What are your summer must-do activities? Are you already planning for your summer fun?Laura Lindeman

So Laura asked me what was on my summer to-do list. Ok, she didn't direct her question specifically to me but I'm taking it personally and I am answer. Here's the summer to-do list as I have it laid out in Wunderlist.

  • I had some grand plans for the summer. I had hoped to plan a big picnic in the park with friends and family. But then it started to dawn on me how much work with be. I procrastinated and now, summer is right around the corner and I fear it may be too late to book the park and arrange everything. Maybe I'll still give it a go.
  • New Jersey has some beautiful preserved areas especially along the Sourland Mountain Range and rivers. We've lived in area with a lot of preserved space but rarely take advantage of what we have. I plan to walk some of the preserved trails in New Jersey. My wife and I already checked some off the list.
  • The cold grey days and nights of winter in New Jersey left me feel depressed and miserable. I longed for the warmth and light of spring and summer. It was also a horrible time for me as a photographer. So I have long list of photography projects that I want to complete.
  • Another effect of winter was that we didn't leave the house. My kids decided they wanted to visit some of the light houses in New Jersey. New Jersey has a lot of coast so I choose only a few.

I drink beer all year round. I don't have a summer list to get through. I'll just drink them as they appear. I'm going to enjoy the warmth -- even the heat -- and the sunlight. I'm going to soak it all in. Because soon that shit time of the year, winter, will be here. I need to store up some life. Published via MarsEdit

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