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Try Things. Fuck Up. Fail, and Move On.

What's your motivation? (Third and Lake)

It was my hope that I could build a successful career with a nice tidy salary from making apps or writing and selling music. The motivation was always a financial one. As such, each time I tried, I failed, because my heart wasn’t really in it – I wanted an immediate financial return with the least amount of effort on my part. This sounds like a bad trait, but in hindsight I think it a great one! See, it made me realise that money is a piss-poor motivator to me. I honestly don’t care about it, once I have enough to get by. Sure it’s nice to have new gadgets or to splash out once in a while on something, but, that’s just nowhere near a big enough reason for me to be motivated, consistently.

[exif id="18246"] Ditto! Money has never motivated me. It has always been about learning and doing. Over the last few years, the pressure to succeed and provide for a family has made me focus more on the financial rewards. But I've started to realize that I am not happy about my work. I no longer…

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