Water Droplet, Macro, Satisfaction
Water Droplet Macro

Last weekend I attended a macro photography workshop by Don Komerechka hosted by the Princeton Photography Workshop. It was a fun but challenging workshop, and I learned just how much I have yet to learn. I am so far from where I want to be with macro, but with patience and perseverance, and I think I can improve my craft. Water droplet macro — or in this case, the term “micro” might be more appropriate — is much harder than any macro photography I have attempted so far. Macros of flowers or insects are all I have tried to date; even those seemed easy compared to the water droplets.

Water Droplet, Macro, Satisfaction
Water Droplet Macro
[exif id=”30838″]

Don gave the class a quick primer on focus stacking, a technique I have used a few times with my macro. One cool tip I learned is that Photoshop’s auto-align and auto-blend layers features makes it relatively easy to focus stack capture images.

Macro photography can be time-consuming. Water droplet photography even more so. Getting the water droplets to be spherical to my satisfaction required a lot of trial and error. And I had a lot of failures. I deleted most of the images I captured that morning. The one included with this post is the best of them.

Water Droplet, Macro, Satisfaction
Water Droplet Macro
[exif id=”30839″]

The featured image is a blend of several photos. As you can see, it’s flawed in many ways. It’s not sharp. The flower that I placed behind the dandelion doesn’t appear clearly.

I need more practice.

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  1. Love the top image here Khurt- reminds me of sheet music and the droplets are music notes!

    Glad you enjoyed the workshop, and I’m in the same boat – the more you learn the more you realize how little you know. :)

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